Experts weigh in on ‘herd immunity’ and COVID-19


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Herd immunity has been a word that’s been tossed around a lot lately but what is it and how is it effective?

As COVID-19 continues to claim the lives of thousands top officials are brainstorming ways to get ahold of this virus. The White House at one point suggesting to allow the virus to spread among ‘healthy-young people’ and rely on ‘herd immunity’ through infection.

Dr. Davenport, the MCH Chief of Staff said, “because of the severity of the disease, the number of people that it’s affecting at a time, it overwhelms the healthcare access, the healthcare services and so it’s really problematic.”

According to Dr. Davenport, the only way to move forward with a “herd immunity plan” is if a vaccine is widely available, that way the effects are not as deadly and don’t lead to more hospitalizations.

Russell Tippin, the MCH CEO said, “our problem is that we are full. I mean that’s just what it gets down to we are full of people waiting to get in here it has really exploded over the last couple of days.”

Here in the Permian Basin hospitals are already seeing their second COVID-19 spike, requiring them to reenact visitation policies from earlier in the year.

Russell Meyers of MMH said this spike could be worse than the first. “We are in a critical time for our community I would say this is worse than the first peak because it is so much more widespread,” he said.

So for now the best thing to do is to wear a mask and social distance. “Social distancing does work it slows the spread, masks do work, it helps slow the spread and protect individuals,” said Dr. Davenport.

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