Exclusive: Mark Burgen Speaks After Being Removed as Golf Coach in Andrews

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The now-former girls golf coach at Andrews High School is speaking exclusively with Local 2/Fox 24 after being removed as coach.

“It’s been well publicized that my coaching duties have been relieved but as of right now I am an employee of AISD,” Burgen says. “That’s where we are at the moment.”

Text messages obtained by Local 2/Fox 24 in a Freedom of Information Act Request shed some light on the situation, but many questions remained unanswered as to why Burgen was removed as golf coach.

Officials with Andrews ISD were also mum on the topic declining to comment on the status of Burgen and instead sent this statement. 

“Mark Burgen is indeed employed with Andrews ISD. Other than directory information, Andrews ISD cannot comment on individual student or personnel matters,” Superintendent Bobby Azam said in a statement Thursday. “However, the district’s primary purpose is the safety and security of all AISD students, faculty, and staff. Therefore, the district has and will continue to take appropriate actions to ensure their safety and well-being.”

Originally, Burgen himself declined to comment. However, the coach had a change of heart and is sharing his story for the first time exclusively with Local 2.

With an uncertain future, Burgen spoke candidly on his success, his passion and what is now out of his control.  

“The state titles. That’s great. That’s something I can hang my hat on. But that doesn’t have any comparison to the one to one relationships that I have with them and the relationships I’ve built with a lot of their parents,” Burgen said. “I’m going to take those memories and those are going to last longer than the state championships will”

But the coach also spoke on his time with the school, the recent news and what the future holds for the state champion.

“….It was kind of; the wind left my sails finding out that night. No doubt about it,” said Burgen. “My focus is what’s best for these kids that are returning. To get them in as successful of an environment that they had under me. That’s my wishes for them. My own daughter is going to be a freshman next year and I want the best possible situation for any of those girls whether it’s mine… or. Well I feel like they are all mine in a way. All my adopted kids.”

Tune in tonight at 9p.m. and 10 p.m. as we dive deeper into the rise and demise of one of West Texas’ most successful coaches. 


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