ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- For Spirit Halloween stores across the country, the spooky season means big business and location is often key. Earlier this summer, shoppers were thrilled to learn that Spirit Halloween would be setting up shop in a vacant space inside Music City Mall and we got an exclusive look at what employees have in store for shoppers this year.

“Halloween is just all about fun and silliness. We’re really excited about this location this year, this is our first time being in this location…we just thought it was a really neat, unique location to be in the old theater, so we’re really excited how this one came out. If you haven’t been here yet, come check this one out,” said Spirit Halloween district manager Daryn Streater.

It’s Spirit Halloween’s 40th year in business, and in the Music City Mall location, everything is bigger and better, and there’s a little something inside for everyone. 

“We sell decor of all kinds…you can dress up like an animal…we have dinosaurs, and then we have different movie and video game characters…we offer all kinds of different things…clothes you can wear year-round, every year it seems to get bigger and better, it just gets more popular every year,” Streater said.

Following the Labor Day holiday, the Music City Mall location will be open seven days a week according to the mall’s regular operating hours.