KERMIT, Texas (Nexstar) – An escaped inmate in Winkler County was taken back into custody on Friday thanks in part to the local community.

The inmate was found West Campbell Street with that information coming from people in Kermit.

Randy Garza was serving a six-month jail sentence of criminal trespass as an outside trustee. He was working on Christmas lights by the Sheriff’s office when between 2:00 and 2:30, police noticed he was gone.

“He was right here in front of the sheriff’s office,” said Winkler County Sheriff Darin Mitchell.

“He’s not directly supervised, we do check on him every hour and a half and that’s when we noticed, my jailers noticed that he was nowhere around on the grounds.”

Tracking down Garza, who police said has a violent history of assault, was the top priority of the Winkler County Sheriff’s Office and Kermit Police.

Police spread the word online and posted a cash reward. Several tips came in.

“One of the last ones that called in was a really good tip and we surrounded the area,” said Mitchell.

“He was located off West Campbell Street in a fifth-wheel trailer and we apprehended him with no incident. We did just use pepper spray to get him to come out of the trailer.”

Garza was recaptured on Friday around noon, within 24 hours, in part because of the community.

Now that Garza has been caught, the Kermit community can breathe a little easier, especially for those not far from where he was found.

“There’s a lot of kids down this block that are out and playing and to know that he was this close out houses, it is kind of scary,” said a Kermit resident who wished to be identified as Mr. Garcia.

“My little cousins are always outside. They’re always playing and something might’ve happened to some of them,” said Kermit resident Jesus Alfaro.

The sheriff said Garza is cooperating with police, but they plan on charging him with three felonies on top of what he has already been charged with.