Employees at Midland County Detention Center test positive for COVID-19


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Two detention workers from the Midland County Sheriff’s Office have tested positive for COVID-19. One employee’s last day working was June 15 and the other on June 17th, since then both are self-quarantined.

“Yesterday morning he said that they were now checking their temperature and that the officers, all of them, were now wearing a mask and gloves,” said an inmates wife at the Midland County Detention Center who wants to remain anonymous.

The woman spoke with her husband Monday and she says that’s when she first heard about COVID-19 in the jail, the City of Midland later confirming cases Wednesday. According to Sheriff David Criner, once they are booked in the jail they take each detainee’s temperature at least 3 times and provide them with disinfectant supplies.

“As far as them providing disinfectant, I don’t know what they are talking about they don’t even have anything to clean with and they ran out of toilet paper several times, things like that,” said the wife of an inmate.

“Providing masks and those sorts of things, you have churches and all kinds of non-profit organizations that make them and give them out. These things can be donated for free but yet still they want to keep everything quiet, for what? We are talking about people’s lives here,” she said.

As for right now, no detainees have tested positive, however, nine have been tested. Three results have come back negative, six results are still pending. Midland County Sheriff David Criner sending us a statement saying quote “based on the professional opinion of our medical staff, they may or may not be tested for the COVID-19 virus” end quote. They screen them based on a set of questions recommended by the jail commission and the CDC.

In the event that an inmate will need to go into isolated the sheriff says they will be given a mask and referred to their medical staff who will conduct an assessment on them

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