Emerson Elementary Student Bullied Out of School


Two Midland parents have transferred their eight year old daughter out of Emerson Elementary after years of bullying by another student.

Chris and Maddie Linsicombe say the bullying that lasted close to two years has caused trauma in the life their young daughter. 

“You never think, you see it all the time but you never think ‘oh it’s going to happen to me  it’ll happen to my daughter.'”

Even though the victim has transferred schools, her parents say she’ll have to live with the damage caused by being bullied for so long. 

Through tears the victims father shared his concern, “How are we going to deal with our daughter now outside of school. This is going to affect her, her entire life. You know she’s going to be an adult going off to college going to school, living on her own, still dealing with what happened in 2nd grade.”

Both parents went to MISD officials to file complaints and take action against the child bullying their daughter, but they say officials didn’t do enough. After reaching out to the school principal, vice principal, counselors, and even officials in the MISD offices, the Linsicombes says they didn’t hear back from anyone until it was too late. 

Chris Linsicombe told Local 2 he had to go to the administration building in person, missing days of work to make sure his daughter’s experiences were being heard. His wife, sent countless emails and messages to administrators who she said didn’t take any action.

Maddie Linsicombe recalls when everything began, “This all started in first grade then it just picked right back up in second grade. There was no bully reports ever filed.”

No reports were filed by administration even though the victim spoke with them multiple times. The parents had to file reports themselves. As more time passed, the Linsicombes say the bullying became more intense. Mean playground antics turned into physical violence and eventually talks of the victim committing suicide.

Maddie Linsicombe said she tried filing a police report with the Midland department, but since the incidents were happening on school property, they were out of MPD jurisdiction.

An investigation was opened with MISD Police last month, but then closed in less than nine days. Authorities said there wasn’t enough evidence to call anything the Lindsicombe’s daughter experienced, “bullying.” 

Maddie Linsicombe said at the point she didn’t know who to turn to. “It just made me shut down I felt like I was in a dark hole and no one was going to protect my child.” 

MISD cleared the parents to transfer their daughter to a different school in the district, but the Linsicombes say the bully hasn’t been punished and MISD seems to be sweeping the long history of bullying under the rug.They fear other students are going through abuse, similar to what their daughter experienced and nothing is being done about it. 

Local 2 reached out to MISD for comment on this matter but they declined. 

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