Voters in the Tax Ratification Election for Midland ISD did not approve a higher tax rate for school funding.

Election results show 63.31% of voters did NOT approve the $.05% property tax increase today.

The Tax Ratification Ballot shows 36.69% of voters were for the increased tax rate. 

In total, there were 4,508 ballots for the TRE.


With less than than 5,000 votes, early voters casted ballots against the the tax rate increase to fund MISD schools.

Early voting took place Sept. 21st – Oct. 4th.

Here’s the breakdown of the results:

  • 33.52% of voters vote for the tax rate
  • 66.48% of voters vote against the tax rate
  • There were 4,499 early votes accounted for

Co-Chair of Better Begins Now Midland First, Laura Roman, says this foreshadows how today’s election results may pan out.

Midland ISD proposed a rate of $1.09 per $100 valuation, that’s a $.05 increase if today’s election passes the rate.