El Sinaloense Mariscos and Bar makes its mark in West Texas


ODESSA, TX. (NEXSTAR) — El Sinaloense Mariscos and Bar has only been around a little more than a year, but its already having quite the impact in West Texas.

“I like to say were the first of its kind. A lot of people aren’t doing Mexican seafood stuff like we’re doing so it’s been a hit.” said Co-owner, Fernando Rodriguez.

Rodriguez and his family own the popular Odessa spot, and they’re bringing their heritage from Mexico into the business.

“Our families from Sinaloa which is a state in Mexico. Sinaloense is someone from Sinaloa, kind of like saying a Texan. We’re just passing on the food, there’s not a lot of people from Sinaloa here but this is traditional Sinaloense food here.” said Rodriguez.

There are a lot of seafood dishes on the menu.

“That’s the main thing the cells in Sinaloa, it’s right off the ocean, the pacific ocean so we’re very seafood heavy.” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says during this hispanic heritage month, its good to appreciate all spanish speaking cultures.

“To my family along with the restaurant, it’s going to be a part of it. There’s dozens of Hispanic cultures in west Texas. West Texas is super Hispanic heavy, so just to be a part of it and getting to show people the food from Sinaloa it’s a win for us.” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says he sees a lot of new customers come in each day, and they always seem to come back for more.

“Will have people pop up that we’ve never seen before, they’ll try it for the first time, and see them back here Friday night. All types of culture show up and I think it’s the food itself that attracts customers.” said Rodriguez.

With everything from seafood towers to classic Sinaloa dishes, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

“All of our ceviche’s are pretty well-known. We have clams which are usually not served here, those are just a few of the ones. We also have some meats for non seafood lovers.” said Rodriguez.

Located on North Grant Avenue, the Mariscos and bar is open 11 to 11 each day of the week.

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