ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- An El Paso man was arrested late last week after investigators said he, and two other men, forced a 17-year-old runaway from another country to have sex with them in an Odessa motel. 50-year-old Andy Rosales has been charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault/ Forcible Rape. 

According to an affidavit, on September 8, officers with the Odessa Police Department responded to a motel in the 6000 block of E Business 20 to conduct a welfare check. Inside the motel, officers found a teenage runaway hiding in an indoor playground. Investigators said the teen was “disheveled”, barefoot, and was “heavily” intoxicated on alcohol and marijuana. 

The teen told investigators that she was picked up in Midland earlier that day and brought to the motel by Rosales and two other men. Those men have not been identified by police as they left the scene before investigators arrived. The victim said the three men gave her drugs and alcohol and told her to “rehearse” sex acts she would later be performing with the three men. 

The teen said all three men threatened to take her to El Paso, where they reportedly lived, if she did not perform the sex acts. According to the victim, after she was finished “rehearsing” all three men forced themselves on her. She said Rosales used his phone to record the entire encounter. 

According to the teen, two men left the motel afterward; however, Rosales, who was also reportedly intoxicated, passed out in the motel room. The teen said that is when she used Rosales’ cell phone to call for help. 

Investigators found Rosales asleep inside the room- he reportedly admitted to “kissing” the teen but said he did not have sex with her. He also admitted to recording while the two other men forced themselves on the teen. Rosales refused to provide any further statements.

The teen was taken to a local hospital for a SANE exam, and Rosales was arrested and taken to the Ector County Law Enforcement Center where he was later released on a $75,000 bond.