MISD bond passes after recount


The $569 million has passed following a recount issued by the political action committee “We Choose Our Future” Monday by 11 votes.

This is a turn of events from originally not passing. This recount shuts the door on any other recount happening.

I don’t think another recount si available to anyone. once you do a manual recount with both sides present and looked at every ballot and agreed how they should be coutned and the toal. I think that’s the end of counting these ballots.

Rick Davis, MISD Board President

But those opposed say they still have questions. How accurate were the new voting machines, and where did the 900 plus voter margin from election night go?

I didn’t have anything to do with the voting machines I don’t know how they work. We did it the old fasion way. We manually recounted every single ballot. I can’t explain the discrrepency I don’t know what resulted in the discrepency. What I do know at the end of the day we counted every single ballot box.

Rick Davis, MISD Board President

While many questions remain unanswered, co-chairs of “We Choose Our Future” released this statement today:

Yesterday, representatives of We Choose Our Future, Better Bond for Midland and a group of other dedicated community members spent over 20 hours working together to count every ballot cast in the Misland ISD school bond election by hand. At the conclusion of a long and tedious process, the final tally of votes shows that the bond passed by 11 votes. We are grateful we had the opprotunity to work alongisde one another to ensure an accurate count in this election. We also want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who worked so diligently and professionally to get the recount completed. While we look forward to breaking ground on the much needed new and remodeled schools for Midland’s students, we also look forward to working with all those who became engaged in the greater discussion about issues surrounding education in Midland through this process.

The PAC Better Bond for Midland will have a press conference scheduled soon.

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