ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The Ector County Health Department says they’ve confirmed one case of monkeypox in Ector County, and that the infected person is now isolating.

But even with a low case count, local health officials are still urgently trying to spread awareness about the virus, and they’re doing that by getting the word out to those who are most vulnerable.

“So (that’s) anyone who has health conditions that can make their immune systems weaker, and also anyone who has multiple sexual partners,” said Ector County Health Department Director Brandy Garcia.

The Ector County Health Department wants to talk to people who feel they may be at risk of monkeypox to determine if the monkeypox vaccine is right for them.

“We’ve just been guiding people to contact our health department if they feel like they’ve been exposed or if they feel like they’re high risk. And if we feel that they are eligible for that vaccine, we’ve been getting them in. We plan on doing the vaccines pretty regularly,” said Garcia.

The Ector County Health Department says monkeypox is an intimidating virus that can cause a rash that goes through several stages, swollen lymph nodes, a fever, and respiratory conditions, but Garcia says it can be beaten and isn’t a death sentence.

And while the Ector County Health Department is who you should contact about the monkeypox vaccine, they say if you think you’re infected, contact your healthcare provider.

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