MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Local Judge Tracey Scown took action after she saw a woman with a toddler pushing a grocery cart down the street. Judge Scown found out the woman was not allowed to get on an EZ rider bus.

“I just feel like any time there’s an opportunity we’re all here to help each other on this planet,” Judge Scown said.

On Wednesday Ector County Judge Tracy Scown pulled into Connection Christian Church in Odessa for bible studies when she says a woman who looked like she needed help.

“I had just driven up into the parking lot looked across the street saw a young woman dragging a very full wagon with a toddler coming along behind her,” Judge Scown said. It was very hot even though it’s mid-September it’s still very warm.

Between the heat and all the groceries she was carrying plus the toddler, Judge Scown went up to the woman to see if she was okay.

“She told me she was but the wagon was very heavy and I asked how far do you have to go she said, I’m headed to Clements being from Odessa I knew that was quite a long way and I actually felt like she was headed in the wrong direction,” Judge Scown said.

The woman says she was walking because she couldn’t take the EZ rider bus. The woman says she wasn’t allowed on because she had a full wagon with her.

“The woman was very stressed she kept showing me the easy rider pass that they wouldn’t let me on the bus,” Judge Scown said.

Under the EZ Rider Ridership rules it says carry-on items are allowed as long as they do not block aisles or interfere with the doors or safe operation of the bus, and baby carriages must be folded.

We reached out to EZ bus about these rules, but have not yet heard back. Judge Scown says those rules need to be better communicated to the public.