After a data breach, employees from independent school districts all around Texas, including Ector County ISD superintendent Tom Crowe have had their personal information temporarily leaked on the internet.

“Of course it’s going to make anybody nervous anytime something like that is breached. You wonder who has gotten a hold of it, what are they doing with it,” says Crowe.

The breach happened after a number of people filled out a specific application on the Texas Association of School Board’s website.

Crowe says this isn’t the districts’ fault.

“It’s not Ector County ISD that’s been breached. It’s the Texas Association of School Boards,” says Crowe.

A number of people from ECISD received a letter from the Texas Association of School Boards. The letter stated that some of their personal information had been exposed on the internet.

The letter also says multiple things including the statement “We deeply regret the concern and inconvenience the incident may have caused you.” It also gave an offer for those affected to enroll in a complimentary one year identification protection program.

“Yeah I’m nervous but I’m not going to overact to it. I just did what they told me to do, and went in and took care of getting my identification protected.” 

Currently the number of employees affected is unknown.