It may have looked like a normal grass fire on the side of the road, but when firefighters put it out Sunday morning, they found something much worse.

“They come out and extinguish it, and once the fire was out he noticed there was a body of a young male inside the rubble,” says Sergeant Gary Duesler of the Ector County Sheriffs Office.

ECSO says the scene happened at around 5:30 in the morning on Avenue L right before 8th Street. The cause of the situation is currently under investigation.

“Right now it is all under investigation and to be determined. It’s way too early in the investigation,” says Duesler.

But this is not the first time a body was found near West Odessa. Last October authorities responded to the same road. However in both situations, the sheriff’s office says the location isn’t a reason behind the instances.

“There is no space where you are going to find something like that. It just happens, it’s just a coincidence here,” says Duesler.

Currently, ECSO says it’s too early to tell if foul play was involved in any way. However, they will continue to investigate the circumstances around the situation.

“If anybody has got any details about it or any knowledge please call us at the sheriffs office 432-335-3050. We are ready to get the information from you,” says Duesler.

The body of the victim is now being transported to Tarrant County for an autopsy