ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – The Ector County Sheriff’s office says that on Wednesday morning, a man approached a woman’s car at the drive-through of the JumBurrito on 8th Street in Odessa. They also say the man became aggressive and tried to enter the woman’s car.

Fortunately, the man wasn’t able to enter the vehicle, but the incident was so unsettling that the woman reached out to local law enforcement. The Ector County Sheriff’s Office says contacting them in a situation like this is the right move, but they also want the public to keep their guards up, especially in situations where they might be distracted like the drive-through.

“You want to make sure you know what’s going on around you, who’s around you and what they’re doing, and why they’re approaching you. If you can get away, by all means leave the area and contact law enforcement,” said ECSO Public Information Officer Shirley Hardee.

Hardee also says the incident is a prime example of why properly functioning locks and other security measures are so important.

“It can happen at a drive-through but it can also happen at your residence as well. So make sure you’re keeping those doors locked. If you do have a camera, make sure it’s properly recording so we’ll have something to view in case something does occur,” said Hardee.

The Ector County Sheriff’s Office also says that what happened at the JumBurrito isn’t an isolated incident, and that similar occurrences have been happening more and more often throughout Odessa. That’s another reason they are warning the public.