ODESSA, Texas (Big 2 / Fox 24) – Ector County ISD is getting a mutli-million dollar inveestment that will not only help improve their teachers, but their students as well.

The investment is coming from a partnership between the Permian Strategic Partnership and the National Board of Professional Teaching. The grant provided to ECISD will allow over 300 teachers to receive training as well as many other resources to become nationally board certified teachers.

“The goal of this grant is to ensure all students in the Permian Basin region are taught by an accomplished national board certified teacher,” said Peggy Brookins, President of The National Board of Professional Teaching.

Dr. Scott Muri, Superintendent of ECISD, said no teachers in the district have this certification. This investment is not just a win for teachers but also for their students.

“The number one factor the influences or increases student achievement is the teacher,” Muri said. “That means when a student has access to great teachers their learning enhances, it’s increased, they will do better academically.”

Muri said the certification process is also open to counselors and other specialists at ECISD. The district is also aiming to bring in new teachers.

“So it will certainly attract the attention of national board certified teachers across the country,” Muri said. ” Our hope is that we get to draw those teachers here to the city of Odessa and we can see them as early as August of 2021.”

But for teachers currently at ECISD, Muri hopes they will get the chance to grow in the classroom.

“I can attest that it is by far the best professional learning experience that I have ever had in my career,” Muri said. “It made me a much better teacher and today a much better leader.”