ECTOR COUNTY, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — In wake of the Uvalde mass shooting, many school districts have ramped up their own security measures across the state and ECISD is no exception.

ECISD is looking to continue their proactive approach to school safety.
District police say officers conducted several safety audits for the state over the summer.

“We now require all campus doors to be locked within the interior of the campus, that was one of our biggest steps that we did to improve the safety of our students and staff. We’re also conducting weekly intruder audits on our campuses. So we have a uniform officer going to campus trying to make entry through the playground, through the exterior doors, through windows and things of that nature. Every week that takes place on every campus,” said ECISD Assistant Police Chief, Jeff Daniels.

Many new approaches schools across the state are taking– ECISD already has in place.

“A year or two ago we required all outside doors already to be locked and creating that one point of entry for every campus. So we’re kind of ahead of the game.” said Daniels.

Assistant Chief Daniels says the district police department hasn’t received any funding from the state for enhanced security, but officers are still remaining vigilant.

“We’re working on a couple of grants that have come out for safety measures. And so we’re looking into those and putting bids in for that as well.
The fencing hasn’t come into play yet. We do check ours to make sure that all of our gates are locked and our fencing is adequate, that there’s no holes in it or breaks in it. Kids safety is our priority.” said Daniels.

Parents can expect delays getting into schools because of these enhanced safety procedures though.

“So number one is we’re going to ensure that their kids are safe on our campuses and we’re putting practices and measurements in place to ensure that happens. We hold active shooter training every summer. We hold it several times throughout the year.
We also conduct multi-agency, active shooter training. So everyone that responds to our campus knows the same type of response, plan and action in place.” said Daniels.