ECTOR COUNTY, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) – Ector County voters said yes to one of Ector County ISD’s three bond propositions, with 57% of voters in favor of Proposition A. We sat down with the Superintendent since that vote, to see where the district goes from here.

Since Tuesday night’s vote… The district is already hitting the ground running…. starting with maintenance and repairs as first on the agenda.

“We will look at all of the projects and decide what goes first second and third, pay attention to a few things initially, the emergency items and the maintenance items need to be done today, so those are things we’ll pay attention to,” said Dr. Scott Muri, ECISD Superintendent.

Another thing they look at is price… funds for a new middle school and CTE center were in Prop A, and Dr. Muri says those projects need to start early so that costs don’t increase overtime.
Money was set aside in this Prop to purchase the land for that future campus as well.

“It’s in West Ector County, South Tripp Avenue, we currently have the option to purchase a piece of property out there, its about 40 acres, near a neighborhood, so its a great location for that new middle school,” continued Dr. Muri.

Prop A also funds a new transportation facility along with busses, technology upgrades…along with the complete renovation of the fine arts department, transition learning center, and agriculture farm. School security was also listed under Prop A.

“A variety of things there, replacing our phone system, replacing all of our digital cameras, all of our schools are covered in cameras, so we’ll be replacing that entire system because its 8 years old, so multiple security pieces,” said Dr. Muri.

52% of voters said no to Proposition B, while 54% of voters said no to Proposition C. These were created to make upgrades and renovations to Ratliff stadium and sports facilities in the district. But Dr. Muri says the district isn’t giving up on those items just yet.

“We have to have those items, so we will regroup and figure out how we ask our community for those things, we’ll go back out, those things aren’t just going to go away,” continued Dr. Muri.

There were still some aspects in Prop A that will help out the athletics in Ector County, including new LED lighting at all stadiums, resurfacing of tennis stadiums at all middle schools, and replacing bleachers.

This is a five year bond plan, meaning all renovations and upgrades will be done before 5 years is up.