ECISD Parents Concerned About Lice Spreading in Schools


Parents sounding the alarm on Facebook, warning other of a pest problem that could be a scratch away from your child’s head.

The concern of a potential lice outbreak at ECISD Schools, and not receiving any sort of notice about it. According to the Texas State Health Department, it’s the school districts decision on how to handle lice cases.

” There’s not a state wide mandate on exactly how a school district has to respond to lice. It’s really up to the individual school district. And they can make their own policies as far as excluding students or not. So they don’t miss instructional time for lice. Which is not truly a public health concern,” says Chris Van Deusen,  spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services.

“We don’t get a notice from the school, we don’t get a phone call please be on the look out… we don’t get any kind of warning,” says a concerned parent, shown above, who asked to remain anonymous. Her daughter went through a period of time where she kept catching lice back to back, it taking over their home. Turns out, her daughter had “Super Lice” a species of pest that has grown immune to over the counter remedies and chemicals.

“This is always in the back of my mind because I don’t want to go through this again,” said the parent, fearing that without notice, they’ll become victims of pest infestation again. “As a parent who has gone through this, and had to have had my own treatment. I would be nice to get an automated call or you know, a message. I’d say thank you for reminding me. I’m so busy between work, and all these kids, I would miss it (checking my kids for lice),” says the parent.

With 43 schools, and 31,000 students, ECISD says they almost always have kids somewhere with lice. In a statement saying “We do not send out notices when students have lice. We also do not send notices when a student has the flu, a stomach bug, or other common illnesses. We do follow recommendations from the state health department.”

It’s highly encourage for parents to always check their children regularly for any trace of the pest. Check out some of the links below for tips and tricks to treat your child if they pick up any form of lice:

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