ECTOR COUNTY, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — ECISD leaders say they have 14 school choice options for students and their families to choose from.
At a recent school choice fair, Superintendent, Dr. Scott Muri says 4,000 new students were interested in the choices ECISD offers.

“We want our moms and dads and kids to have access to different choices and opportunities, and so at ECISD they have access to stem programs, students have access to art programs and Montessori schools.” said Dr. Muri.

Dr. Muri wants all families to feel like they have a significant role in their childs education.

“We saw a 57 percent increase in the number of students this year that were interested in the choices and options we provide at ECISD.”said Dr. Muri.

And he hopes that option remains in place for the district for the forseeable future!

“One of the things that we certainly wouldn’t support is anything that’s gonna damage our students or our schools or our families. We see some of that happening in our nation and our state right now, and our job is to make sure we provide a high quality academic experience for the kids we serve, and we will make sure we continue to do that at ECISD.”said Dr. Muri.