ECTOR COUNTY, TX. (KMID/KPEJ) — ECISD held a welcome ceremony for their new teachers.
It featured vendors, restaurants, and helped teachers to feel welcome in their new community.

450 new teachers were welcomed this week.
They were able to swing by a number of tents to visit with vendors and get accustomed to local businesses.

Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri says he wanted to start their year off strong.

“Today the Chamber of Commerce provided a welcome, and over 50 businesses are here today.” said Superintendent Muri.

Elyssa Garcia and Celeste Medina are both new teachers with the district, and say its nice to already feel so at home.

“It really shows how behind the community it is towards us. We have all the support and all the love, from everybody. I’ve seen almost every company that’s local in Odessa here. Its awesome to know that were really well supported in our community,” said Garcia.

“I was always that one kid that no one ever saw graduating, or no one ever saw accomplishing anything. But I always had that one teacher to push me. So my mission is to be that one teacher to push students to succeed in everything they want to succeed in,” said Medina.

The event was put on by the Odessa Chamber of Commerce to welcome in everyone ahead of the first day of school.

“When they come to town, they need a bank, they need a dentist, they need a church, they need a place to volunteer as a non-profit, they need all these services. So our vendors are here to tell them what they offer, and again just welcome them and encourage them as they start this new school year,” said Renee Earls, who is the President and CEO of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce.

Vendors say they were happy to show out for the commmunity’s educators.

“They have the future of our kids, the future of our nation, the future of our state, the future of our city, they get to impact that day in and day out. We just feel its important to love on them and show them support, because they’ve got a big task,” said Jason Berridge, the Complex Community Federal Credit Union President and CEO.

“When teachers came up to our booth, they had the chance to spin to win different prices from a class makeover, to amazon gift cards for their classroom, different supplies for their classrooms, and different press gift cards,” said Vendor, Elise Hutson.

ECISD has staggered start dates for the first day. Pre-K through 6th graders as well as 9th grade will start on August 9th; Then 7th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders will start on August 11th.