ECISD: Employees go through training to avoid inappropriate relations

Former OHS clerk was arrested for involvement with student

ODESSA, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) - After being accused of exchanging inappropriate texts with a 17-year-old student, 26-year-old former Odessa High clerk Eylssa Zuniga has been arrested.

"It was referred to as an improper relationship with an educator and a student, which is a second degree felony," says Corporal Steve Lesueur of the Odessa Police Department.

Odessa Police say they were notified of the incident on January 3. While they confirm the relationship was not physical, police documents show Zuniga and the student "wanted to engage in sexual intercourse" and were intent on "keeping their relationship a secret."

"It doesn't matter whether they were a teacher or not. If they are an employee of that school, it meets the elements and is a violation," says Lesueur.

At Ector County ISD, Superintendent Tom Crowe says when they learned about the incident, Zuniga was immediately fired.

"We don't mess with these cases where there is an employee in an inappropriate relationship with a student," says Crowe. "It is something we don't tolerate."

He points out district employees go through training for these situations.

"All staff members are required to go through training twice a year on the impact of inappropriate relationships," says Crowe. "It's not just a violation of our policy, it's against the law."

Crowe says that while circumstances like this one bring a lot of confusion. It is not hard to see who is at fault every time.

"People can point fingers and look at the students and say well they knew better. Sorry, it's the adults who know better. It is the adults who are at fault," says Crowe.


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