ECTOR COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Ector County ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri said the district is seeing a concerning trend in daily attendance rates, and he is asking parents to make sure their kids are coming to school. 

According to Muri, pre-pandemic, the district saw a daily attendance rate of 95 to 96 percent. Now that students are back in the classroom full time and COVID-19 is, for the most part, in the rearview mirror, Muri said the daily attendance rate is hovering at about 91.5%. 

“That is a very low attendance rate and the concern we have is the direct correlation between attendance and student success,” Muri said. 

Muri emphasized that students tend to struggle academically when they miss too much school, and that poor attendance is one of the leading factors some students cite for dropping out altogether.

“My plea to parents is to make sure your student is in school every day- it’s critical to overall success and academic development,” he said. 

When asked if students are often calling out sick, Muri said some are and he stressed that sick students should stay home; however, Muri said lowered attendance rates are a trend across Texas and even nationwide and seem to be a side effect of post-pandemic life. 

“I think families got out of the habit of sending their kids to school in person five days a week and we have to get back in that habit,” he said.

Muri also stated that Mondays and Fridays are the two days of the week with the lowest attendance rates. 

“I think some people are taking a long weekend when we don’t have one,” he stated. 

Muri is also reminding parents that students are required by law to attend school. If your student does need to miss school, parents are are to call your child’s campus and report the absence as soon as possible.