Midland brewery to release beer made from Texas-only ingredients


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar)- Permian Basin’s oldest brewery, Eccentric Brewing Company, has announced its release of “The Lone Star Estate”. The beer made entirely of Texas-grown ingredients will be available beginning October 2. 

As a native Texan, Eccentric brewmaster Aaron Pachlhofer says he has long desired to create an “all Texas” beer that does not rely upon ingredients sourced from other parts of the U.S. Pachlhofer wanted to create a beer that “expresses the independent spirit of native Texans”.  And that’s been no easy feat, until recently, a beer made with Texas-only ingredients had not been possible.  

Pachlhofer says this the brew is now possible as Texas-grown malted barley has become available from several different farmers.  Malted barley from Maverick Malting in Wildorado is now widely available and was used for the Lone State Estate.

The availability of Texas-grown hops has also a challenge.  The hot climate of Texas makes growing hops difficult and, as a result, there are only three small hop farms in Texas.  Despite small crop yields and high demand, Pachlhofer was able to secure enough hops from Wildroot Organics in Kingsland to brew one batch of beer.

With hops locked in, Community Yeast Cultures in San Antonio supplied native Texas yeast harvested from a prickly pear cactus flower outside of Lajitas. And the water used in brewing the beer is, of course, also from Texas. 

Thus the Lone Star Estate is born. 

The team at Eccentric Brewing describes the brew as a “golden, easy-drinking ale with distinctive Belgian-style flavors from the wild yeast at an approachable 5.75% alcohol by volume”.

Choosing a release date for the special blend was easy. The brewery said releasing the beer on October 2, the 186th anniversary of the Battle of Gonzales, the first battle fought for Texas independence, is “the best way to embody the independent spirit this beer was made with”.

To celebrate, the company will observe extended hours on release day. Brewery goers can experience a cold glass of the new brew from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on October 2, only at Eccentric Brewing Company at 1402 Cotton Flat Road. 

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