Easter weekend celebration


Many churches in the Basin held their Good Friday services today heading into the Easter weekend.

“Every year that passes, I have a deeper appreciation of what God did for me. And he opened for me a new life, just a new kind of life,” said Father Mark Woodruff of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. “We just don’t ever want to forget that he gave his life for all of us, that we might be free of our sins, and that we might be invited to eternal life.”

For Christians around the world, every April calls for a celebration of life. Easter is now often spent egg-hunting and sharing sweets, but those at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton say it’s important to remember its true purpose.

“He came and died for us, but we also have to do our part,” explained parishioner, Ana Ahrendt. “We also have to follow his commandments and follow what he taught us while he was here.”

While easter holds a special place in the hearts of Christians, Youth Director, Johnny Aldas, says its message extends beyond religion. “It kind of gives us an opportunity to reflect on what changes I’ve made on my own life, what old self did I die to and what new self have I allowed myself to become.”

However, beyond all else, many say simply having faith has made all the difference in their lives.

“I also want to push myself through my religion to keep on growing, and with the grace of God, it has helped tremendously,” said Alexandra Aldas. “Even though I’m a sinner, and I fail, that I still have the ability to be not just a good man, but a great man,” added Johnny Aldas.

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