MIDLAND COUNTY, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Midland County’s elections office at the county annex building saw a healthy stream of early voters on Monday afternoon.

A few of them took the time to tell ABC Big 2 News why they’re voting early instead of on election day.

“Got a call from Gov. Abbott yesterday, it was over an hour long. He took questions from folks. His big thing was, ‘call your friends and neighbors and go vote.’ And so I came and voted on the first day,” said one Midland voter.

“Well for one thing, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on Nov. 7th, but for another thing, we never know what our health is going to be. But as soon as you vote, it’s in the can and whatever happens to you after that, you’ve voted,” said another Midland voter.

“I’m not a procrastinator so I try to get out early,” another voter told ABC Big 2 News.

Texas’s secretary if state says that the final day to vote early in person in the Lone Star State is Friday, Nov. 4th.