PERMIAN BASIN (KMID/KPEJ) – On October 23rd, locals in West Texas will have the opportunity to turn in their ballots early for the upcoming November elections. On those election ballots are school bond proposals as well as proposed constitutional amendments.

When it comes to early voting, officials at election centers emphasize the importance of participation that way when it comes to election day itself, lines are not flooded through the door.

Rosa Olgin, an election administrator at the Midland Election Center, emphasizes for those in the area to check where they are registered to vote.

“We give lots of opportunity to individuals to vote before election day. Election day is always super busy, always packed. Anyone who is not sure if they’re registered here, who’s recently moved to Midland. It’s a good idea to come in during early voting because if for some reason you didn’t get registered in time here in Midland for the election, we can still have you vote another way as long as you’ve moved here,” Olgin said.

Election staff request that Midland ISD and Ector County ISD employees be mindful of their attire when they come to vote, covering any logos or name badges.

Hours of operation for early voting will run from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are also available, on Saturday from 7am-7pm and Sunday from 1pm-7pm.

If you are looking where you are stationed to vote, follow this link.