Drunk driver crashes into multiple homes in Midland


MIDLAND, Texas (ABC Big 2 / FOX 24) – People living in a local neighborhood got a shock after a car crashed into multiple homes. It all happened in a neighborhood along Cimmaron Ave. last Friday night. People living in this neighborhood say the driver was drunk.

” My next door neighbor came up running, ” said Ignacio Lopez, who lives along Cimmaron Ave. “She said don’t let them get away, he crashed into my house and your house and he crashed into the house on the other side of you.”

Lopez was one of the residents who saw the whole thing. Lopez says once he saw the car crash into his neighbor’s yard he approached the driver.

” Right away, I can tell this guys drunk or something so I start banging on his window and try to get him to open the window and turn off the car,” Lopez said.

But instead, Lopez saw the driver take off from the neighborhood. Lopez then got into his truck and says he followed him down Midkiff Rd. Lopez wanted to make sure the driver was stopped.

“Let’s say he makes two left turns and then he’s out of the area and what if he leaves from here and goes to another major street and crashes into somebody else.” Lopez said.

Lopez’s neighbors tell us they are also angry about this terrifying ordeal, but they are thankful nobody was hurt. As for Lopez, he hopes the driver learns a valuable lesson.

“If I could tell him anything is that learn from your mistakes, ” Lopez said. ” I mean we are all human, we make mistakes, but you got to learn from your mistakes. Don’t ever do that again.”

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