COAHOMA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – On Tuesday, September 6th, an out of control big rig busted through the railing on I-20 and headed straight towards the Station Barber Company in Coahoma.

“I heard two loud thumps, and then the building shake a little bit, and from my perspective, I thought the lord was coming,” said master barber Jesusamado Ochoa.

Fortunately for Jesusamado, the giant truck came to a stop before hitting his shop. And that’s when Jesusamado says he jumped into action.

“I went into this vehicle, into the 18-wheeler, turned off the 18-wheeler, checked on the man, and he had this windshield over him. I pulled the windshield off of him,” said Jesusamado.

He says the driver was shaken but able to walk away, and Jesusamado believe that was an act of God.

“He did come out alive. He did come out walking. He was standing and talking,” said Jesusamado.

ABC Big 2 News reached out to DPS for more information, but as of Thursday there’s no word yet on what caused the wreck. But witnesses at the scene say they think this all happened because of a blown tire.