Dr. Beck shares some Halloween safety tips


Odessa, TEXAS (Big 2/Fox 24) – Halloween is coming up fast, and families should be aware of what doctors do and don’t recommend for the weekend.  In this edition of WesTex Wednesday, Doctor Terry Beck shares some tips to have a healthy and safe Halloween, like finding a fun way to wear a mask! 

” A lot of kids are already wearing something on their face to kind of disguise themselves as kind of a Halloween tradition, but it would be very easy to incorporate all kinds of masks to their costume. The key is you know, making sure that they keep it on, instead of tossing it to the side, or putting it in their bag,” says WesTex Urgent Care Dr. Terry Beck.

 The temperature will probably drop on Saturday night, so keep warm and dress in layers.

“Make sure your kids dress appropriately. You can always have a jacket underneath the costume if needed. Or kind of dress in layers because it might not be quite as cool when you’re starting out, but once that sun goes down we know the temperature drops pretty quickly and there’s no sense in letting your kids freeze out there when you can easily put a warm jacket on them underneath their costume,” say Dr. Beck.  

The doctor recommends parents have plenty of hand sanitizer ready. COVID-19 is still going on, and now we’re also in flu season. It’s important to keep in mind if you have a low immune system, or if you’re not feeling well. 

 ” Don’t go out if you’re sick, there are going to be large group gatherings and different intermixing of different people. So if you’re feeling sick at all, just stay home. Don’t get out. Think about other people, not just yourself, because we know that there’s going to be– cases of COVID might increase after the Halloween on Saturday night,” says Dr. Beck.  

Families should consider the risks of going out for door-to-door trick or treating.  Doctor Beck also recommends people think about their health and watch their calorie intake on the holiday.  He says parents should limit the amount of candy their children have on Halloween . 

 ” I think it’s a great idea before the kids go out and trick or treat, to make sure they have a good nutritious meal, because we know that they’re going to start digging into that candy, if not while trick or treating, as soon as they get home they’re going to want to dig into that candy. So that’s a very good point.  I think a good, nutritious meal because they head out to trick or treat will decrease their hunger to the point where they’re not going to cram their mouth full of candy all at once,” says. Dr. Beck.

The doctor recommends that parents try to give candy a little bit per day so children are not eating it all at once. Be sure to check each piece as well to make sure they weren’t tampered with.  Don’t forget to wipe down the candy wrappers with sanitizing wipes, and have your kids wash their hands before they enjoy the sweets! 

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