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MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – Studies show Do it Yourself (DIY) projects are on the rise, and more than 73% of millennials are already on the DIY train, according to the National Association of Realtors. One West Texan is taking DIY to the next level.

Brandy Bell, a 5th generation home builder, interior designer, and Southern Bell with a big heart for her community and the grit of a true Texan is helping children, one single mother at a time. She is pitching a new DIY show centered around West Texas and the community’s spirit. 

On August 15th, she will pitch the show to networks, which includes a follow-up Youtube and podcast version for each episode diving deeper into each guest’s inspirational stories. 

Bell said, that DIY is more than just a hobby, “It’s a desire to do something and express ourselves.” She says it’s beautiful to see others use their hands to create something that they never imagined they could and see their self-confidence grow. “You see them go, ok, I did this I can do this, what else can I do?” said Bell. “It’s all about the little wins.” 

Bell’s motto? Love your people. Bell said she enjoys sharing her DIY projects with the community and even delivered 40 terracotta pots, and cake pops to a local Senior Center. 

 Caleb and Jamie Hartley

As a former single mother with three boys Bell said, she’s experienced homelessness and knows how to find the inner strength to go above and beyond to feed her family. She wants to continue to empower her community and single mothers everywhere, especially during these tough times amid the pandemic. 

It is these situations that will help you become who you were designed, called and gifted to be. It’s during these hard times that your character is formed. So during these really unpredictable times… everybody’s losing jobs and income, and there’s a disconnect from people. If you figure out how to be the best version of you during this, then you’re just stronger for it when you come out on the other side. This is another chance for West Texas to overcome, and what is that going to look like for you?

Brand Bell, Executive Director, Southern Bell and Company

Through her new show with Southern Bell & Company, she wants to hear from the community! Do you have a favorite business in West Texas? What leaders or community members are making a difference in the lives of others? They may be featured on Bell’s show, reach out to her to share who you love. 

For additional videos check out Youtube

We are going through a lot of social turmoil in our country, and West Texas is diverse. People have a preconceived idea of what West Texans look like, and in some ways, this show is going to show the diversity of West Texas. My children look like black men, they are bi-racial, and they’re West Texans. We have a lot of friends who are Hispanic; some are Asian. So even on our show, it’s very diverse. Neighboring looks like loving people that don’t look like you. I love the fact that our show naturally leans towards that diversity, and right now, our country needs to see more of that, and West Texas can do that. 

Brand Bell, Executive Director, Southern Bell and Company

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