A family took to Facebook, sharing their scary experience with ‘YouTube Kid.’

While their child was watching a video, it had a disturbing message about four minutes in.

Their post went viral and other parents came forward with similar stories.

Different stories span from characters overdosing to another showing children how to slit their wrists.

“There was parental control and now you cant trust that stuff,” said Ashley Alley, Odessa Resident, “I was like, this is seriously on a kids channel.”

YouTube has an unlimited amount of videos with millions of creators. 

Parents say anyone can post on YouTube making it unsafe for their kids. In addition, it’s hard to pick which videos are bad because the disturbing messages are hidden inside.

Ashley Alley has two children, 10-years-old and 4-years-old. Recently, her youngest experienced the exact same thing.

“He was watching something on YouTube where this little girl, shes home all alone and she crying because her parents aren’t there and her parents were abducted. I was like whoa and it was on the kids flip through and I thought that’s a no no,” said Alley.

Alley said since that happened, neither of her kids watch anything that she hasn’t seen and approved.

“If you’re on the internet and you find something that teaches your child to do something that’s bad, or encourages them to do something inappropriate to report it immediately, that’s the best thing you can  do,” said CPL. Steve LeSueur, OPD Spokesman.

“Give them a coloring book, give them something, let them watch a cartoon that you know. A phone cannot be what we give our kids. Giving our kids tablets and phones when we don’t know whats on them, I would just say quit doing it,” said Alley.

LeSueur said report the video right away.

Alley said watch with your kid, that’s the only way you will truly know whats they are seeing.