Lorrie Norris has just taken over the Drivers Ed Program at Odessa College.
She says she does her part to make sure her students know the ramifications of being careless behind the wheel.

She says “they are taught constantly to be scanning for hazards because you never know..you may be a good driver but the person next to you might not be.”

Norris adds that 25-percent of all accidents are rear end collisions and most of them involve distracted drivers.
A common thread that opd says they see while out on duty.

Cpl. Steve LeSueur, Public Information Officer for OPD,  says, “Last year, the Odessa Police Department did respond to approximately 4,000 crashes.Out of all those 4,000 crashes over 1,400 involved either distracted driving or texting while driving.” 

While there are exceptions such as using your phone for navigation or texting at a stop sign OPD stresses that it is always good practice to leave the communication until you are safely parked.

“You know its just so serious and it’s so important to be a defensive driver,” says Cpl. Steve LeSueur

And an app– called “Safe 2 Save” is hoping that by rewarding west texas drivers  they will put the phone down.

Safe 2 Save PR Representative, Leah Wlliams, says “the thought process is why not reward people for doing the right thing. And thats by rewarding them for not being distracted behind the wheel” 

Williams adds that support from West Texas companies have made this app very successfull.