Digital Exclusive: The Permian Counts pushing for a stronger response rate for the Census


PERMIAN BASIN (YourBasin) – In an email from The Permian Counts, Midland and Ector County have a 39.8% and 35.8% Census response rate respectively.

“The national average right now is I think around forty-nine percent,” says Tracee Bentley, CEO/President of the Permian Strategic Partnership.

Numbers here in the Basin are low compared to the average yet, The Permian Counts group continues to push residents of the Basin to fill out the Census.

“There’s never been a more important time or a region for that matter for us to fill it out,” says Bentley.

According to Bentley, 1.1 billion dollars of gross product is cited to come to the Basin over the next ten years. She also notes that 13,000 jobs are at stake as well as over 52 million dollars in federal funding for local government entities.

“These are things that go to health services, very important services that we rely on and quite frankly take for granted every day,” says Bentley.

With an accurate count needed to receive those funds, it can be challenging getting that count.

The Permian Basin is a vast are made of predominately rural areas. Another challenge, not everybody has a permanent address. With oil and gas workings living in man camps and other temporary living places, it could be difficult to reach out and count them.

Bentley says though if you spend more then fifty percent of your time in one area, it is recommended you put that area down on your Census form.

“The Permian Strategic Partnership is committed to connecting with these folks to try to get a good count,” says Bentley.

Aside from from services getting funded there could also be economic development and new store fronts in the future for the Basin.

For more information you can visit The Permian Counts on Facebook or click here.

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