MIDLAND, Texas (YourBasin) – Human trafficking has continued to grow every one here in the states. In the Basin area numbers continue to grow as people are getting move through I-20 and I-10.

“It’s very prevalent in our area because we have a lot of men that come here for the oil and the businesses that are functioning out here. It is a big problem. It’s very important that we learn how to identify those young girls and boys who are being trafficked,” said Toni McKinley, guest speaker at Reflection Ministries’ workshop.

McKinley was brought by Reflection Ministries to educate people about the trauma of human trafficking survivors deal with. She talks about how psychological trauma survivors endure. McKinley uses her story to bring here knowledge now to educate those on the signs of trauma and for everybody to do their part in ending human trafficking.

“It’s just the basic looking for everyone wants to be loved, adored, needed, and appreciated. Our kiddos are vulnerable when they’re in junior high, elementary, and even in high school. They want to fit in,” said Lisa Bownds, Founder of Reflection Ministries.

Though Reflection Ministries helps with those of human trafficking, Bownds says everybody is at risk. She says Snapchat is the number one app people use to lure people. Parents should always know what apps kids are using to be interactive and keep sharp on their actions.