Digital Exclusive: MISD prepping for next year and beyond


MIDLAND, Texas (YourBasin) – After being with Midland ISD for two years, Superintendent Orlando Riddick is ready to take the district to the next level.

“I’ve had two years now that I’ve been here to think through a number of factors and strategic abandonment is apart of that. You know, what are things that are not giving us the results that we would expect out of those results and ushering forward what are new ideas and how progressive we can be,” says Riddick.

And with those two years, Riddick and the district are already preparing for next school year. Budget, enrollment numbers, facility needs, and other factors that need to be addressed for next school year. Riddick’s goal is to have the community believe in the work the school district is doing.

He also praises the community. He talks about how the community steps in and helps out when needed, such as the school lunch need. Listening and working with the community is one of his top goals for the school district.

One of the new efforts MISD to create more choice and opportunities for students is the new Apply Midland system. This system will be accessible via computer or mobile device and provides families a chance to learn about different schools in Midland as well as submit one application for schools of choice, magnets, and transfer from a zoned school for Fall 2020.

“To create an equity. So that not just individuals who have access to all those resources, get it, it’s available for anyone. You just now have to be informed about what the school offers so you can make a great decision and put your child in the best place,” states Riddick.

MISD has joined the No Excuses University Network of Schools. Students will be able to start taking college level courses starting their freshman year of high school. This will enable students to take sixty credit hours of college and graduate with an Associates of Arts or Science.

“To know kids are gonna inspire to get two years paid, books and tuition, and then progress to either a four-year university or into career that something they so desire,” said Riddick

As the district continues to grow, Riddick hopes the students grow into better citizens.

“Every kid who is walking into the building can thrive and be exposed to be the better person. That’s what we want to generate,” states Riddick.

Full of optimism and confidence, Riddick is in full force for the students to get better every day.

“I would just tell our community that, you know hold on. We’re doing some really exciting things. Amidst all the challenges that come out in front of us, those things are not gonna stop us doing the best things to get kids to go to exciting places,” states Riddick.

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