Digital Exclusive: Midland County Judge Johnson to propose a resolution in commissioners court


MIDLAND COUNTY (YourBasin) – As Governor Abbott was staring at the collapsing Texas economy he was strained with reopening. Last Friday he signed an executive order to begin a slow process of opening the Texas economy.

“We are now beginning to see glimmers that the worse of COVID-19 may soon be behind us,” says Governor Abbott, “now in opening Texas, we must be guided by data and by doctors. We must put health and safety first.”

Abbott also praising his fellow Texans in corralling the virus as Texas has not touched maximum hospital capacity and has a healthy supply of PPE.

Here in the Basin a double blow from the dagger strikes as low oil prices and non-essential businesses are closed affect our local economy. But preliminary talks to open the Basin have been in place before Governor Abbott’s executive order went into place.

Now Midland officials are preparing to roll out the red carpet but cautiously.

In Midland’s up coming commissioners meeting, county judge Terry Johnson is set to roll out a resolution to help kick start the Midland economy.

During their Unified Command Team conference yesterday, Judge Terry Johnson said the following:

“I’m going to be presenting to our court a resolution to buy local, build local. This resolution should authorize an evaluation of all products, as well as services, that are purchases from non-local suppliers for use here in the county, by the county,” says Johnson.

Johnson hopes they are able to proceed as soon as possible with the resolution and get citizens back on their feet a lot sooner than later.

Today, Johnson reiterates how buying local, building local.

“To recharge the Midland economy we need to keep our tax money local. So if there is anything we can do to buy local, build local, buy the Basin, however you want to put it. I’m convinced that’s where tax money ought to go. We ought to keep it local,” says Johnson.

Johnson and other officials are currently looking at contracts that are up for renewal. The county is engaged in buying all kinds of services and products.

“That has to be done by bid. We don’t just go out and buy something we have to put it up for bid. The lowest price gets the bid. Everything we buy is attached with a contract. We are looking to keep those purchases local,” says Johnson.

While Judge Johnson waits to present the resolution to commissioners he also calls for Midlanders to buy locally.

“I’m calling on the community to step up and support these people,” says Johnson, “I believe the mom and pops, the small business people here in Midland, Texas deserve our patronage and deserve our support.”

He knows whatever products, or service, you need you can find here in Midland for a reasonable price.

But, there’s a long road ahead for Midlanders. As Abbott allows more to open the better for the Midland economy.

“Whatever he has in mind. We will support him fully as a county,” says Johnson.

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