Digital Exclusive: How to spot work from home scams


(YourBasin) – According to the Texas Tribune, in January, the unemployment rate in Texas was 3.5%. As businesses close amidst the COVID-19 spread, unemployment rates are expected to double.

As people begin working from home, others are job searching but some stay at home jobs could be trying to scam you.

For example, some work-from-home jobs offer ‘high pay and flexible schedules.’

“Most companies are not gonna offer you a very short window of hours to work at a very high pay and a lot of these employment scams come across and they are asking you to start on the spot without an interview. If you’re ever asked to start a position without a one-on-one, face-to-face interview or video interview that’s a red flag,” said Heather Massey, Senior Regional Director for Better Business Bureau.

According to Massey, she wary of unusual procedures such as on-the-spot-offer, the company sends a check to set up direct deposit then claims they overpaid and you need to wire back money, or paying for certain training, certificates or any other coaching for the job.

“If someone offers you a job on-the-spot without checking any of your qualifications, that’s usually a red flag,” says Massey.

Massey says it is important to research the company before you accept any kind of job offer.

She says it is important for workers to have a copy of a contract that outlines pay rate, hours and other promises made by the company to hold them to that standard. Workers should not just verbally agree to promise being made.

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