Digital Exclusive: Hospitals and their capacity and what their plans are in case of a surge of patients


PERMIAN BASIN (YourBasin) – According to projections from the SURF Stanford Medicine, the peak here in the Permian Basin is on the horizon.

Currently, persons under investigation (PUIs) in Midland Memorial sit at four critical care and 11 med surgeon environments for a total of 15 PUIs according to CEO/President Russell Meyers.

At Odessa Regional, there are three PIUs and one in the COVID Unit in ICU according to Chief Medical Officer Doctor Rohith Saravanan.

At MCH, currently there are four positive patients in house. Three in critical care on ventilators and one on 7th Central. There are 15 PUIs with two in critical care and 13 on 7th Central.

Including those numbers, Midland Memorial has 120 patients in house, ORMC averaging 70 patients and MCH averaging around 120 to 130 patients a day. Besides COVID/PUI patients hospitals still house other patients. Though there haven’t been a high number of patients hospitalized, projections show cases are bound to spike leaving room for more patients to be hospitalized.

So how are hospitals preparing in case a surge of cases hits the Basin?

According to Doctor Lawrence Wilson of Midland Memorial, they are putting Midlanders first. Along with Russell Meyers, Wilson states that they are working down to the wire in ensuring workers have proper PPE and are ready to manage any task that floats their way.

“To stay with the slow burn and keep things at a low level,” says Meyers

Currently the hospital has a healthy supply of PPE. Seven of the forty-four ventilators are currently in use at Memorial.

ORMC has a surge capacity plan set in place. One floor is currently in use to keep COVID patients and one floor is for PUIs. These two floors use to be their rehab and pediatric floors. According to Chief Medical Officer Doctor Rohith Saravanan, ORMC has several steps they are ready to take should patients surge.

“We will probably increase our capacity stepwise,” says Saravanan, “we have these backup plans and then several backup plans.”

Saravanan stated how their PPE supply is healthy and if their projected surge could occur he anticipates they will not run out of supplies. Currently, they have just a little over 30 ventilators but none are in use.

MCH are searching for different avenues to keep PPE stock not only for their patients but for workers so they are able to return to work.

N95 masks, surgical masks, gowns, and checking on ventilators are top priority for MCH.

“Our protective equipment is very high on our list just to make sure our staff is protected,” says President of MCH Russell Tippin

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