Digital Exclusive: Coronavirus risk level for different activities


(YourBasin) – Health officials revealed a model of levels of exposure based on 36 activities. The model is based on a one to ten scale. One is less likely exposed to the coronavirus and ten being the most risk.

“The general philosophy each thing has a risk category assigned to it and that’s how we think of many things in medicine. We like to assign risk categories even to chronic disease as it related to COVID,” says ORMC Chief Medical Officer Doctor Rohith Saravanan.

The model was based on whether the activity was inside or outside, proximity to others, exposure time, the likelihood of compliance, and personal risk level.

Though this model isn’t necessarily new information. Saravanan says the model is a new way for the public to understand the risk with a score.

Information that is valuable to the public as they begin to venture out and live among the new normal life.

“The proposed model is based on general principles of communicable diseases, particularly airborne,” says Doctor Timothy Benton, Chairman of the Texas Tech University Health Science Center. “This is why the CDC has come out and advocated for social distancing and masks and general hygiene.”

Both Saravanan and Benton agree with health experts with the level of exposures for the 36 activities but the risk is lowered if nobody present is infected.

“The higher number of people you put in a confined space, potentially increases the risk assuming there who is infected,” says Benton.

Benton states we should be cautious, thinking anybody could have the potential of shedding the virus. Especially, seeing a spike of confirmed cases across the state.

Currently, Ector has 289 confirmed cases. Midland has 238 confirmed cases.

According to Benton one infected person is likely to infect four to five others but could increase in a crowded situation.

Saravanan stresses three things. Wearing a mask, social distance and wash your hands.

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