PERMIAN BASIN (YourBasin) – The polls have closed, results are in, and there were surprises in there. Hear some from some of the candidates in local races and upsets state wide.

Midland County Sheriff Office
Considered that favorite, candidate Rory McKinney and his team showed optimism after the first round of results.

As the race continued, McKinney found himself falling behind in the polls behind David Criner.

After more than 30 years of Sheriff Gary Painter held the position, David Criner emerges victorious and will be the new sheriff for Midland County.

District 11
Republican candidate August Pfluger was the front runner all night but it looked like he was heading to a runoff with Brandon Batch. As final results were coming out, Pfluger was the clear winner.

Brandon Batch and his campaign team fought valiantly but fell short of a runoff.

August Pfluger will face off against Jon Mark Hogg in the November election later this year.

Railroad Commissioner
In a stunning upset, Ryan Sitton loses the Republican primary to Jim Wright. Sitton was elected in 2014 and had the support of Governor Greg Abbott and others.

Sitton said in a tweet Tuesday night, “Congratulations to Jim Wright. It’s been an honor and incredibly rewarding to put my experience to work for Texas. I appreciate everyone who voted for me and all of my incredible supporters and I look forward to what God has in store next!”

Wright tweeted Tuesday night saying, “My campaign has been a grassroots campaign all the way and this win shows that Texans believe in integrity, leadership and innovation.”

Wright holding the GOP spot will have to wait till May 26th to find out his opponent. Democrat candidates Chrysta Castaneda and Roberto Alonzo will go into a runoff.

Texas Primary
No surprise in Texas as President Trump wins the primary in Texas. Alone, President Trump got more than 1.8 million votes. A number that far surpassed votes received by top three democratic candidates. Joe Biden, who won the Democratic Primary, received 716,002 votes, Bernie Sanders received 622,359 votes, and Michael Bloomberg received 298,258 votes. Combine those numbers together total to just over 1.6 million votes.