MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- On Wednesday, Florida Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis made a stop in the Basin, the “Powerhouse of American Energy”, to refill his campaign coffers and unveil his energy policy amid his presidential run. 

The site for Wednesday’s event was hosted by Permian Deep Rock Oil Company, where drilling crews are working to drill two wells that will tap crude oil resources under downtown Midland. Oil and gas operators called DeSantis’ stop in the oil rich Basin a critical one. 

“It is so important for our leaders to understand how the policies they enact affect the average, ordinary citizen,” said a Permian Deep Rock Oil Company spokesperson. “The price of oil impacts the price of everything we buy.”

Odessa City councilman and small business owner Mark Matta echoed that thought and spoke about how the price of gasoline, coupled with rising inflation, has impacted his business as well as his personal pocketbook.

“The increasing gas prices we all face at the pumps are a direct result of the failed policies of the current administration. The soaring cost of gas and diesel have become a burden on households and businesses both big and small. As an owner of a small oil and gas supply house, I feel that crunch of the high gas prices daily,” Matta said. “The cost of living is making it difficult for people to make ends meet. Families, including my own, are forced to tighten their budgets, often sacrificing essential needs just to keep the lights on. The increased cost of doing business…can force layoffs. Biden needs to visit West Texas rather than just getting his information from special interest groups.”

Jennifer Woodall, of Odessa, said she comes from a long line of oil field workers and called President Joe Biden’s energy policy an “all-out war” on the industry. She said “Bidenomics” have made everything, from the cost of groceries, to fuel, to utilities and healthcare more expensive for her family, and others across the country.

“People living paycheck to paycheck can’t make ends meet,” she said. 

DeSantis then stepped to the podium to make a promise to Basin families and energy industry leaders alike. 

“As President, I will be laser-focused on reducing gas prices and energy costs. I will ensure that this country doesn’t have to rely on hostile nations for its energy needs ever again. The average American family has an extra $2,400 annually in extra spending because of inflation. Raising the cost of energy raises the cost of everything we buy.” DeSantis said. “We will unleash American energy dominance as a way to stop inflation and achieve $2 gas in 2025. We need a pro-America energy policy that puts Midland over Moscow, the Marcellus over the Mullahs, and the Bakken over Beijing. We will reverse American decline by reversing Biden’s America last energy agenda, eliminating reliance on hostile nations for energy, and putting the economic interests of Americans before the radical left’s ideological agenda.”

DeSantis’ “Freedom to Fuel” plan has six key components:

  • Restore American Energy Dominance
  • Save the American Automobile
  • Elevate Evidence Over Ideology
  • Reform Environmental Permitting and End Green Lawfare
  • Jump-Start Critical Mineral and Federal Land Development
  • Build the Most Efficient, Affordable, and Reliable Energy Grid in the World

 Here’s a summary of the plan for each of those components:

Restore American Energy Dominance

  • Unleash oil and gas exploration and development, pipelines, and infrastructure on Day One to crush inflation and support working families
  • Replace climate change ideology with energy dominance in all national security and foreign policy guidance
  • Greenlight American energy exports to strengthen global stability and end energy poverty
  • Refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve and limit future use to emergencies
  • Revitalize our nuclear energy industry

Save the American Automobile

  • Repeal Biden’s EV mandates and support Americans’ right to drive the cars they want
  • Prevent California and faceless bureaucrats from setting America’s environmental standards
  • Eliminate Biden’s subsidies for electric vehicles and surtaxes on liquid fuels

Elevate Evidence Over Ideology

  • Withdraw from Paris Climate Accords, Global Methane Pledge, and all “Net Zero” commitments
  • Eliminate ESG regulations and prohibit government accounts and pensions form using ESG
  • Repeal Biden’s WOTUS rule and protect our farmers and ranchers
  • Repeal Biden rules targeting gas stoves, furnaces, and appliances

Reform Environmental Permitting and End Green Lawfare

  • Streamline the environmental review process for energy and infrastructure projects
  • Work with states to reduce time and duplication in permitting
  • Prevent abusive litigation by environmental groups and defund ideological activism
  • Jump-Start Critical Mineral and Federal Land Development
  • Greenlight oil, gas, coal, uranium, and critical mineral mining and development on federal lands
  • Establish a Critical Mineral Strategic Reserve and reduce our reliance on China
  • Expand federal land lease sales and devolve more leasing authority to the states
  • Order agencies to establish forest management plans to prevent future wildfires

Build the Most Efficient, Affordable, and Reliable Energy Grid in the World

  • Repeal Biden’s Clean Power Plan on Day One
  • Repeal and oppose all policies that increase our energy sector’s reliance on China
  • Focus agencies on advancing the most reliable energy at the cheapest cost
  • Defend our grid against blackouts, cyber-attacks, EMPs, and natural disasters

DeSantis is facing a crowded race for the Republican nominee. He joins former president Donald Trump, former vice-president Mike Pence, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, as well as Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Asa Hutchinson, and Chris Christie.

Meanwhile, there are three contenders vying for the Democrat party’s nomination, including President Joe Biden, Robert Kennedy, Jr., and Marianne Williamson.

You’ll vote for your pick during the primary race next March 5. The last day to register to vote in that election is February 5, 2024, and early voting will begin March 1.