Democrats gear up for Va. primary


Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the two remaining Democratic presidential candidates in the race for the White House, both of which the Democratic Party of Virginia said are more than qualified to lead the country.

“Things like the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work for women, things that really affect the pocketbooks of Virginians, and I think that both of our candidates have a great stance on that,” said Emily Bolton, communications director for the Democratic Party of Virginia.

However, according to the Democratic Party of Virginia, more legislators in the Commonwealth have endorsed Clinton over Sanders.

“I’m supporting Hillary Clinton, and I think that’s the most important thing Virginia Democrats should focus on is experience: who’s done it, who’s been there, who’s actually walked the walk,” said Sen. Donald McEachin, Senate Democratic Minority Caucus Chair.

“Leaders from every community like labor, like the environmental community, like women’s groups, groups dealing with social services and business groups. They all recognize that there’s one candidate out there who can truly continue moving Virginia and the nation in the right direction,” said Delegate Alfonso Lopez, House Democratic Deputy Minority Whip.

Winchester small business owner Christine Patrick agrees.

“I think that if I’m looking now, I’d vote for Hillary Clinton without blinking. I think she’s shown incredible skill and knowledge, and we need that in a president. I don’t object to Bernie Sanders. I’m just concerned that he wouldn’t be electable,” said Patrick, owner of the Winchester Book Gallery.

As Patrick gets ready to join thousands of other Virginians to vote in the primary, she said she believes the economy is the most important issue on the table, a sentiment Charlie Fish, co-owner of Murphy Beverage Company in Winchester shares.

“Bernie Sanders, I think it’s not looking real good for him right now, unfortunately. But I’m also really all about Hillary Clinton for a multitude of reasons. My life, my business, my household, everything was better under the Clinton administration,” Fish said.

Even though Clinton has a leg up over Sanders in the number of endorsements by Virginia lawmakers, only time will tell if she’ll win Virginia.

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