MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- A man who was arrested in July after he and his partner were accused of abusing his young daughters has been arrested again following another outcry of abuse. Vicente Monje, 31, has been charged with Indecency with a Child by Sexual Contact. 

Vicente and his partner, Myra Monje, 30, were arrested in July following a lengthy investigation into an outcry of abuse. Vicente was charged with Endangering a Child by Negligence and Myra was charged with Injuring a Child after Vicente’s daughters said Myra had hit them with brushes on several occasions, grabbed them by the head, and even bit them. 

The children also stated Myra would make fun of their bodies, take pictures of their “private parts”, and tie their hands with rubber bands while they were being spanked. The abuse reportedly happened in March and then again in April of this year.

The young children said they did not feel safe when visiting their father Vicente because he knew about the abuse and never reported it, despite having photographic evidence of their bruises on his phone.

According to court records, as part of the investigation into those allegations of abuse, the children were further interviewed by forensic experts. During one of those interviews, a nine-year-old girl accused Vicente of inappropriate sexual behavior. The girl said the abuse began when she was about four years old and happened multiple times over the course of several years. 

In one instance, the child said she was at her grandmother’s home swimming. She said while she was changing into her swimsuit, Vicente stated it was “inappropriate” and pulled her swimsuit off. She said he then tried to make her touch his “private parts”.

She said on another occasion, Vicente stopped her in the hallway and grabbed her hand and again tried to make her touch him. She said he warned her not to tell her mom or she would “get it more”. 

The girl said Vicente’s mother caught him and told him to stop, but that the encounter made her “stomach feel weird” and she was very uncomfortable. The child went into great detail describing what she felt and saw- she said Vicente tried to guide her hands to make her touch him and that his hands were sweaty during the encounter.

After the interview, a warrant was issued for Vicente’s arrest, and he was taken into custody on August 8. He remained behind bars as of Tuesday afternoon, his bond had not yet been set.