Counterfeit bills around the Basin are catching the attention of local police


ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar)- There are concerns of counterfeit bills circulating in the Basin, and local law enforcement are ready to crack down on counterfeit cash. 

“The counterfeit money that’s going around now is something you would pass around in the nightclub at night, in the dark, ” said Baxter Turner. 

Turner admits he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fake bills. He was convicted of counterfeiting. 

“I was actually convicted of federal counterfeiting obligations, Baxter said. 

So, what exactly is counterfeiting?

U.S. law says it’s recreating money, known as obligations, with the purpose of deceiving, publishing, exchanging or selling. Cash cannot be forged, altered or counterfeited. 

In 2018, there were 83 counterfeit arrests in Odessa. There were 107 arrests in 2019, and 53 in 2020. Those numbers were down last year, and police attribute that to the number of storefronts shuttered amid the pandemic. 

Police say counterfeit money isn’t illegal to own, it’s only illegal to pass along as payment for goods or services. If you think you may be in possession of a counterfeit bill, call police to report it as soon as possible. 

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