Coping with the Winter Weather Crisis


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2 / Fox 24)- Texas is facing unprecedented weather. Single digit temps and rolling blackouts mean unpredictability and fear can take over. Centers for Children and Families know how tough times like this can be and Melanie Saiz and Kristi Edwards offer solutions for times like these.

Their first tip is easy to remember: don’t despair, prepare. Research and planning can help bring a sense of control. They say, make sure to pay attention to city, school and weather announcements. Also, prepare your home as much as possible for things such as outages and frozen pipes. Lastly, make sure and develop a plan for heating issues. Layer clothing, buy firewood for your fireplace ahead of time, and have a go-to place if you end up needing to take shelter.

Their second tip is to avoid rumination or dwelling on the situation. Edwards says that worrying about the future causes us to suffer twice. “Imagining “worst-case” scenarios puts your body into a state of perpetual alarm and can increase stress chemicals and hormones, unnecessarily,” Edwards says. She goes on to explain that dwelling on the problem can incite procrastination and avoidance. “Getting stuck in your head” can lead to unhealthy coping habits.

Finally they say that you can create healthy distractions. Try to find ways to distract yourself and keep busy, especially during power outages. “Distractions help us to engage our senses enough to give our minds a break from the emotions that often accompany a crisis,” they say.

If those tips still don’t help, you can always call the Centers for Children and Families. They have an emergency therapist who you can talk to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even through the pandemic and ice storms, they are still doing regular appointments via video call.

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