Congressman August Pfluger: We don’t need bailouts, we need to get back to work


WASHINGTON (Nexstar)- Congressman August Pfluger spoke on the House Floor for the first time Wednesday in opposition to the Budget Reconciliation Resolution.

Pfluger calls the resolution a “partisan resolution that sets the stage to jam through President Biden’s COVID stimulus bill”.

A bill he says will cost $2 trillion and includes a “liberal wish list of provisions unrelated to the pandemic”.

A transcript of his remarks can be found below:

“Mr. Speaker thank you, I rise today for the first time as a member of Congress in complete opposition of the Budget Reconciliation Act.”

“Today, adding almost $2 trillion to the national debt and eliminating 1.3 million jobs is up for a vote. This partisan budget reconciliation package allows President Biden to shove $1.9 trillion of stimulus spending through Congress without any Republican consent.”

“It is a blue state bailout to states that have shut down their businesses, closed their places of worship, and prevented families from earning an honest living.”

“We don’t need bailouts. We need to get back to work.”

“Taxpayers in states like Texas should not be left holding the bag for the failing governments in New York, California, and others, who chose to close their economies.”

“Congress just passed a $900 billion stimulus package in December, and over $1 trillion dollars in COVID relief has yet to reach its intended recipients.”

“The U.S. is already over $26 trillion in debt—and counting. This is totally unsustainable and will have a disastrous consequence for our economy and future generations. We are talking about the future of our children and our grandchildren. Nothing could be more important than this decision.”

“With that, I yield the balance of my time.”

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