GREENWOOD, TX. (NEXSTAR) — Each month, four teachers are chosen for our Teacher of the Month Award. They’re nominated by you at home, and all sponsored by Pioneer Natural Resources.
Out of the four, one is chosen to receive an in person surprise. This month we chose Mrs. Sindy Mclain.

Sindy Mclain is a 6th grade Science Teacher at James R Brooks Middle School in Midland.

“I was shocked. I mean I thought why are these people coming into my room? Then when I saw the balloons, I though oh I haven’t done anything special. I really though it was my husband or something.” said Mclain.

Mclain said she spends many long hours up at the school, and that it feels good to be acknowledged for her hard work.

“I’m super humbled, because I spend a lot of time up here. I’m usually up here by 7 or 7:30, and I usually don’t leave until 8 or 8:30, because I’m a strong advocate for hands on learning activities, I don’t like doing worksheets all the time, I really want to make learning fun.” said Mclain.

Her education journey was anything but typical though.

“I didn’t finish high school, I was 42 when I started college, and I want to catch those kid who may fall through the cracks, because everybody has the ability, they just have to believed in themselves.” said Mclain.

She said her students are what make it all worth while.

“Every day I go home with a bigger heart, because somebody has wrote me something, or said something to me, or given me something. They just overwhelm me with love they really do. It just makes every day worth coming to, no matter how tired I am, they’re worth seeing every day.” said Mclain.

She taught high school before transitioning to middle school, and said the students that reach out to her years later hold a special place in her heart.

“I’ve got kids who still contact me and say if it wasn’t for you, no one would’ve ever cared. Those are the kids that it really touches me because they come from terrible homes, and they’re in the foster system and to know that you made a difference in their lives for the better, its just worth more than any gift or accolade could ever mean to me.” said Mclain.

Another congrats also to Ms. Abby Gonzales, who was another one of our winners for Teacher of the Month She teaches Fourth Grade at Greathouse Elementary.

Ms. Stephanie Clark is also one of our winners. She teaches 5th Grade Science at Lee Elementary.

Ms. Phyllis Moralez as well, a First Grade Teacher at Dezavala Elementary School.
These teachers all got a $250 dollar gift card towards their classrooms.

A big congrats to all of our winners for this month on the amazing work they continue to do for the children in our community.