ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPE)- Kairos Aerospace performs large scale surveys over oil basins to measure methane emissions from oil and gas production. This is done through cutting-edge research and engineering using expertise to build instruments that pull never-before-seen data from the physical world. 

Over the years Kairos has worked with oil and gas producers providing them with data to find and fix harmful leaks. Their efforts have helped companies in the industry reduce emissions anywhere from 60% to 90% in a fast and efficient way.

Every day, Kairos has a number of planes surveying oil fields and collecting emission data, including above the Permian Basin. The planes fly at an average elevation of 3,000 feet while the cameras attached scan the grounds that pass beneath them. “While doing this we can also simultaneously collect optical images and GPS location data to help ground crews identify emissions sources.” Steve Deiker, co-founder of Kairos explained.

For oil and gas companies wanting a more close-up and intricate inspection of their facilities, Kairos offers on-site inspections as well. They are able to use higher resolution and more sensitive equipment along with infrared cameras, drones, and sensing monitors.

Oil and gas companies are also dealing with constant uncertainty from government regulators on new rules that would aim to reduce harmful emissions. It’s prompted companies to act quickly on these emissions, thus creating a high demand from Kairos and it’s ability to locate leaks at wells, along pipelines and at storage facilities.

“If these companies are able to focus on the large emissions, they can show very clearly to investors or customers how much emissions they have actually had and then show how much they’ve reduced it. When you have that knowledge, you’re able to make progress really quickly and prove that the work is being done to stop the leaks.”

For a closer look at Kairos’ continued efforts to help oil and gas companies reduce harmful emissions, visit their website Kairos Aerospace.