The Balmorhea State Park Pool is still closed due to damages but thanks to one distillery and a crab house that may be changing.

Dan Garrison, the founder of Garrison Brothers Distillery, is teaming up with Truluck’s Seafood, Steak and Crab House to preserve the pool.

Garrison said the pool has been closed indefinitely because the concrete apron around it collapsed, making it unsafe for visitors. An estimated half a million dollar project to fix the pool and landscaping around it.

“I have been a Balmorhea fan since the first time I saw the place,” said Dan Garrison, “love swimming there, love teaching my kids to swim there.”

The Garrison Brothers Distillery is located in Hye Texas, near Austin. 

Garrison said he loves Balmorhea so much, he even named a whiskey after it.

“When I last visited the park we noticed that it was really over run. We have a problem here in Texas, we love our parks just a little bit too much and it needs work,” said Garrison

Now he is doing what he can to restore this West Texas treasure by partnering with Truluck’s.

“Throughout the year we are going to be hosting events where we offer free bourbon for folks who come out to make a contribution to the Balmorhea state park fund,” said Garrison.

These dinners will be taking place all over Texas.

100% of the proceeds from the dinners will go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation to rebuild, beautify and preserve the pool.

Garrison said they will also be going to the commissioners meeting in August to try to change the law. So it would read, “No alcohol in state parks unless its being used for a fundraiser to benefit the park.” 

This change would allow Fundraisers poolside at Balmorhea and untimely help with the project.

“Our state parks and wildlife department is seriously underfunded. They have estimated that they need about 500 million dollars annually in their budget to take care of the Texas parks they are responsible for and they are only getting about 50 annually,” said Garrison.